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By Evelyn J. Mocbeichel



Several friends are in the midst of an exciting experience right now—shopping with their daughters for a bridal gown. No matter how many photos you see on line, bridal consultants in the shops offer a wealth of information that helps in making the final selection. Each bride should be open-minded in looking at different types of fabrics, styles, necklines, and fullness, even if they think they know what they want from photographs. Keep in mind height, weight, body shape, personality and age to find the dress that best suits what emphasizes the style, personality and formality of the day you are planning. What may look wonderful on a professional model might not feel or look the same on the bride-to-be if your body type and personality aren’t a combination that fits the dress.

What style are you?   Many bridal consultants feel that different personality types may match the styles of wedding dresses. Are you a classic, romantic, town and country, dramatic, delicate or natural? While the appearance of the dress is the number one priority, its comfort level has to be next. If your dress is off the shoulder, will you spend most of the day tugging one sleeve back into place or carrying bunched-up fabric so you don’t trip on the hemline?

Think about your headpiece and veil. Do you plan to wear them both all evening? This is the only day you will be walking around with a veil and decorative headpiece, so why not leave them on for all of your guests to enjoy and for the photographer to capture? If the style is too uncomfortable to wear, then perhaps you are making the wrong choice. What length of veil do you want? The options are shoulder length, waist length, fingertip, semi-cathedral, and cathedral.

Shop early because most bridal dress orders take from six to nine months. Dress shopping is a fun day, a happy experience, but a very tiring one. I would suggest that once you are engaged to be married, start looking, even though you don’t have a wedding date in mind. This way you will have an idea of what looks good on you when the actual search begins.

Finding the dress of your dreams is only the start of a long list of decisions to make for your special day!

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