Dale Chihuly Exhibit Dazzles at the New York Botanical Garden

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by Evelyn J.   Mocbeichel



The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) never ceases to impress with the outstanding exhibits and themes they feature that tie in with the botanical exhibits. Their latest exhibit, the glass works of renowned artist Dale Chihuly, which runs through October 29th, continues in this tradition.

There are twenty installations, drawings and early works that show the evolution and development of Chihuly’s artistic process during his long, celebrated career. Having never seen his works in person, their beauty, creativity and uniqueness were absolutely amazing. Many of the blown glass pieces are so huge and whimsical that it was hard not to be impressed by their size and the often hundreds of components that compile the works. The vibrant colors and delicate nature of each piece are like looking at a Rorschach test, with viewers coming up with their own interpretation of what was seen. Is it an underwater sculpture or something from a distant universe or purely blown glass with intricately woven pieces that pull together as a genius’s creation into a fine art?

The glass exhibits are placed around the grounds in such a way that the color palates of both the botanicals and structures work together to show Chihuly’s works at the forefront. When asked why he first picked glass as his medium, he indicated it was because it is one of the materials that are translucent, with light able to go through the vibrant colored glass. See some of the beauty by visiting:

For this exhibit, among the works at the Garden are the original 2006 Blue Herons. Inside the Victorian-style glass conservatory, the Tower and Chandelier series are in new configurations, and the spectacular early works are on display in the art gallery of the LuEsther T. Mertz Library building. Accordingly, visitors have a wide scope of areas and artifacts to visit for this presentation.

The Garden will be presenting a Summer Concert Series — Jazz & Chihuly — on Fridays June 16th, July 14th and August 18th. Before and after each concert, guests will be able to stroll among the Chihuly art works, glistening at dusk and mesmerizing when lit after sunset.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Dale Chihuly’s works in this serene, romantic and inspirational setting — the New York Botanical Garden.


The NYBG is located at 2900 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY 10458. For additional information visit:


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