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Let’s Advertise, but Where?


ROI by Frank J. RichROI

Advertisers may be getting smarter or just more courageous in commenting just how poorly much of their “digital” media spending is falling on deaf ears. Either way, smarter is the result. Before we get our knickers in a wad, this is no indictment against the use of digital media. But like all things, the choice of “marketing” tools has its place. (more…)

May 30, 2014 |

Remodeling Your Kitchen

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By Evelyn J. Mocbeichel



Renovating a kitchen is one of the most popular makeovers that can add value to a house or apartment.  It goes without saying that it is easy to spot an outdated room that has not been changed for decades.  In major makeovers, appliances, cabinets and flooring need to be replaced, so choices should be studied and analyzed before you begin.


The choices are endless for cabinet color and design. Start looking through decorating magazines that specialize in kitchens. Remember white cabinets make a small kitchen appear larger and darker woods give a warm “homey” appearance. Visit scores of home design centers and bring room measurements, asking the professional to help you design a kitchen. Appointments may be necessary because each client is given time to discuss plans.  With the magic of computer design programs, the representative can show you what the finished product will look like. Do make sure you have a basic idea of what type of cabinets and “extras” you want to add.  A spice rack, pull-out trash drawer, wine rack, or cabinets with glass doors for displaying fine china are all extra and will boost the standard price quotes. However, a kitchen remodel is usually done once in a lifetime, so if your heart is set on certain features and it fits your budget, go for it.
Cabinet composition is another item to give some thought to. Solid wood cabinets are more expensive than particleboard.  You can choose solid wood doors and do the remainder in particleboard, but you will end up with a very heavy cabinet to hang. Installation is extra and not included in cabinet rates.  In some cases the installation cost can be almost half the price of the original cabinet cost.
This is a big investment and one that will bring you many years of pleasure when it is finished. If in the back of your mind the makeover is for an eventual resale, try to go neutral so potential buyers can imagine themselves in your kitchen.  Out-of-the-norm colors, wild patterns or over-the-top designs will appeal to a smaller segment of the population when prospective buyers come to shop.  Most new homeowners want to avoid the expense of doing a kitchen makeover, so if your choices are something they can live with, then all the better.

October 21, 2015 |

Is Bad Weather Good for Business?



If you live in the Northeast you’re having it; that is, bad weather. If you are among the few who drove to work in it, you couldn’t help but notice that stores everywhere were closed. It’s hard to “do business” if the lights are out, the door is closed, and nobody is in the store to greet you.

That said, Main Street might be a little different from companies whose customers are anything but local. Those that make it to work at such companies are actually more productive, which definitely serves growth. According to research done by a group at Harvard Business School, there is now evidence that what appears to be good reason to feel anxious about lost business may be quite the opposite. This team of professors found that productivity actually improved during bad weather days, after studying thousands at a Tokyo bank over two years. (more…)

February 7, 2014 |

7 Tips for Managing Diabetes


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(Family Features) Staying healthy can be a challenge, especially for those living with diabetes. Everyone can have conflicts finding the right balance of partaking in healthy habits, such as exercise, eating well and even keeping your teeth and gums clean. From stress to self-care, life can be up and down when you’re living with diabetes.

These seven tips from Dr. Natalie Strand, the winner of season 17 of “The Amazing Race” who lives with diabetes herself, can help you stay healthy and lead a balanced life while managing your diabetes.

Communicate with your care team. Make sure you connect with your nurse educator, endocrinologist and dietician. Reach out to them with your questions as they can often help you implement subtle changes to avoid completely overhauling your lifestyle and routine because of diabetes.

Get involved. Get a local group together to fundraise, vent or just understand each other. Groups such as Diabetes Sisters, JDRF, TuDiabetes and BeyondType1 offer ways to connect with others living with diabetes in person or on social media. Connecting with the diabetes community can be a powerful way to help ease the burden of living with diabetes.

Keep doing what you love. Just because you have diabetes doesn’t mean you have to give up doing what you love. Make efforts to continue sports, travel and other hobbies, even if there is a learning curve to adapting with diabetes at first.

Maintain good oral health. People living with diabetes are two times more likely to develop gum disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Colgate Total toothpaste is FDA-approved to help reverse and prevent gingivitis, an early form of gum disease.

Get into a routine. Find a routine that works and stick with it. This way you don’t have to make new decisions each day. Anything that can ease the mental burden of diabetes can help. For example, pick a time each year for your annual visits: eye doctor, endocrinologist, renew prescriptions, etc. Picking the same time of year every year can help ensure you don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Make self-care a priority. It can be hard to keep diabetes care in the forefront. It can be boring, exhausting and also fade into the background. Remind yourself that one of the best things you can do for yourself, and for your loved ones, is stay healthy. Use your family as motivation to exercise daily, eat better-for-you foods and maintain a healthy weight.

Manage stress. Diabetes can be a big stressor. Add jobs, kids, relationships and it can become overwhelming. Find an easy and effective tool for stress relief and do it often. Even 5-10 minutes of guided meditation daily can have a big impact on stress management.

For more information and ways to lead a balanced life with diabetes, visit


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December 13, 2017 |

“Happy Days” of Rock and Roll!

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By Evelyn J. Mocbeichel



Remember poodle skirt fashions, ponytails, rolled up white T-shirt sleeves and slicked-back hair back in the fantastic 50s? These were the “good old days”! Those years are being recaptured during the newest production at the Westchester Broadway Theatre (WBT) in Elmsford. Their show, Happy Days, is based on the Paramount Pictures’ television series of the same name created by Garry Marshall.  That popular TV show was a weekly staple at our house back then, never missing an episode. This WBT production features 21 songs, including the series’ iconic theme song by Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe award-winning songwriter Paul Williams with orchestrator and arranger John McDaniel.

Running from May 5th through July 17th, WBT welcomes back the whole gang from the TV show. Richie, Fonzie, Ralph, Potsie, Chachi and all your favorites from the smash-hit TV series are rockin’ and rollin’ all week long. The laughs never end in a celebration of poodle skirts, jukeboxes, motorcycles and malt shops. “These days are yours and mine” in this new musical for the entire family. Jonathan Stahl will direct and choreograph the show. The Associate Director is Leisa Mather and the Musical Director is Ryan Wise. The WBT production stars:

•  Herb Porter as Richie

•  Peter Davenport as Mr. Cunningham

•  Lori Hammel as Mrs. Cunningham

•  Nick Varricchio as Fonzie

•  Mia Weinberger as Joanie

•  Mike D’Amico as Chachi

•  Michael Linden as Potsie

•  Schyler Conaway as Ralph

•  Maria Logan as Pinky

•  Peter Marinos as Arnold

•  Hannah Kate Wilson as Lori Beth

Featuring the talents of Matthew Borchers, Colleen Campbell, Aubrey Mae Davis, Samantha Gardner, Leisa Mather, Michael McClure, Nicholas Park, Ian Parmenter and  Kilty Reidy.

Every WBT theatre production is a wonderful night out that includes delicious dining, fabulous entertainment that equals any New York City production. With this show running through the summer, it’s perfect for families, children and friends to enjoy a fun night out together.

There are discounts for groups of 20 or more. Ticket prices for dinner & show range between $56.00 and $84.00 plus tax, depending on the performances chosen. Discounts are available for children, students, and senior citizens at select performances. Also check the website for on-going special offers.

For reservations, call (914) 592-2222 or visit

Coming to the WBT: Million Dollar Quartet, July 21st to September 11th and Saturday Night Fever, September 15th to November 27th.



May 11, 2016 |

Photography Exhibit ‘Lens3s’ Has Opening and Meet the Artist Reception in January


Three artists join together to for a spectacular photography show entitled, “Lens3s” opening at The Studio Around the Corner 67 Main Street in Brewster, NY on Friday, January 13 at 7:00PM

Patricia Bolgosano, started out as a print technician in a commercial custom darkroom after obtaining a degree in photography from Chowan University. As technology advanced, so did her printing technique. She now works as a digital imaging specialist at Visual Impact, reproducing art using the Giclée method.

When Adobe Photoshop was introduced, She immediately saw the value in such a creative tool and was inspired to learn. By watching tutorials and staying up way too late, she taught herself Photoshop 2.0.

Photography has always been her passion. Her creative process starts when something catches her eye. “I’m fascinated by colors, shapes and the way natural light illuminates our world. I combine my love for photography and the creative aspects of Photoshop with the art of printing,” states Bolgosano. I experiment with many printing processes including transfers, overlays, overprinting and collage. Photography helps me express my feeling for life and living.

Pal Gyomai was born and raised in Hungary but relocated to the United States in 1983 and has been living in Putnam County since then.

His interest in photography started around the age of 13 and has not stopped. He is a self-taught photographer working mostly in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. He also likes to engage in graphic design using Adobe Illustrator and some video editing with Adobe Premier Pro and Cyberlink PowerDirector.

His subject matter covers a wide range, perhaps his favorite is what is mostly called street photography. “I like to capture candid moments without disturbing the subjects,” explains Gyomai, “ Most of my work is black and white, I like the timelessness of the gray scale images. I hope my art blesses your heart.”

Since Lori Kemp was a child, photographs have always fascinated her, and later other types of art would captivate her as well.  Interestingly, it was through staring at various old photos and paintings that propelled her into her other passion – researching history.  Happily, in a full circle, it is through traveling and researching local history that many of her images are born.

Having taken numerous art and design courses over the years, she found that digital photography is the easiest mode of self-expression – the camera is portable, and as such, is her constant companion.   “I’m attracted to a wide array of subject matter and enjoy numerous styles of photography, so the body of my work is an eclectic mix” explains Kemp. Her biggest joys come from the ‘hunt’ of capturing a special moment in light and time, and that zen state she goes into when photographing. It happens again when she is editing the images.

“Lens3s” show opening and meet the artist reception takes place on Friday, January 13 from 7:00 – 9:00PM at the Studio Around the Corner located at the back entrance to the Southeast Museum at 67 Main Street in Brewster, NY.

Additional Gallery Hours are 12:00 -2:00 PM on the following Saturdays: 1/14, 1/21, 1/28, 2/4, 2/11, 2/18, 2/25. The show closing will be Sunday, February 26 12:00 – 2:00 PM

For more information on this and other Cultural Arts Coalition events, visit:, call (845) 363 – 8330, email or find us on Facebook at “Old Town Hall, Brewster, NY”.

The Studio Around the Corner at Old Town Hall
Cultural Arts Coalition
67 Main Street, Suite 101
Brewster, NY 10509
(845) 363-8330
Facebook: Old Town Hall

About The Town of Southeast Cultural Arts Coalition
The Town of Southeast Cultural Arts Coalition is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating and sustaining cultural arts within the Town of Southeast and its surrounding region. TOSCAC was established as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation in August 2010 with the purpose, as detailed in the incorporation papers, “… to promote and raise funds for the development and effective management of affordable, accessible performance space that will provide citizens of the Town of Southeast opportunities to participate in and appreciate cultural arts, including lectures, theater, dance, film, music, visual arts, and inclusive community events.”
Our current focus is the renovation of the Southeast Old Town Hall, a historic landmark within the Village of Brewster and a perfect venue to serve as a cultural hub. The Old Town Hall has been described as a “Jewel in the Center of Brewster” and its renovation will help foster the revitalization of downtown Brewster.



Lens3s Poster



December 15, 2016 |

Hocus Focus

Mayor, TownLink


I’m at an intersection stop light, waiting for oncoming traffic to pass so I can make a left, when I hear metal meeting metal. On the road to my right, a rolling shuttle van has rear-ended a passenger car first in line at that light. I didn’t need a forensics kit to figure out the cause of the fender-bender. The shuttle driver was a victim of the collateral damage that has attached itself like a leech to our kaleidoscopic culture: he lost focus.

New technology is supposed to help us by improving quality of life in ways small and large, mundane and profound. All well and good, but they’re not called smartphones because they make us smarter. Having instant access at our twitchy fingertips to a cosmos of data and knowledge isn’t a free pass to membership in Mensa. (more…)

December 20, 2013 |
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