The MedX Healthy Back and Neck Program

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All Sport
17 Old Main Street, Fishkill, NY
  • 845-896-5678 ext. 106
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Free Seminar at All Sport: Relief for Back and Neck Pain
How MedX Relieves Back and Neck Pain
The community is invited to an informational seminar on Monday, May 15 at 11am and 7pm at All Sport Health and Fitness. Jason Clerke, a certified MedX Professional, will hold a seminar and demonstration, free of charge. Jason has a professional and educational background in medical exercise and spinal rehabilitation. Find out more about the MedX Program on May 15th. Attendees will receive a free initial consultation, and full use of the fitness club on the day of the seminar. Please reserve your spot at All Sport’s free MedX seminar to insure room for all. To reserve, call (845) 896-5678 or email MedX Healthy Back and Neck Program is designed to help relieve pain by strengthening the many muscles surrounding the spine. Independent studies show that MedX is the most effective method of strengthening these muscles to avoid back surgery, relieve back and neck pain and regain function. The MedX program can relieve back and neck pain, back and neck spasms, tightness, fatigue, and radiating pain down the arms and legs. Whether problems are caused by herniated discs, stenosis, sciatica, arthritis, osteoporosis, or other problems, there are options other than surgery.
MedX strengthens the small back muscles that stabilize the spine, thereby alleviating pain and avoiding surgery. MedX equipment allows total isolation of the muscles supporting the spine. As strength increases, the muscles provide the support that the spine needs, reducing pain. The MedX program is the standard for back rehabilitation in Germany and other countries in Europe.
A trained MedX professional will assist you at all times in a private room set within the fitness club. Progress for each individual is tracked on a computer, with results visible on a monitor.MedX at All Sport
MedX services are available at All Sport in Fishkill, at the MedX Center for Back and Neck Wellness. Many people experience success from MedX where other therapies have failed them. Your life can be free of back and neck pain, and surgery may be avoided. Call All Sport at 896-5678, ext. 106 for more information, or to schedule an initial evacuation. Your back will thank you!

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