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By Evelyn J. Mocbeichel



Grandparents Day fell on September 9th with some schools holding special activities or assemblies to which grandparents may have been invited to honor the occasion. As a grandmother myself, these activities are enjoyable; however, just spending time with my grandchildren is more rewarding than any organized celebration. For me, the years I spent with my own grandmother are still etched in my heart and evoke both a joyful feeling and a tinge of sadness knowing they are long gone. No matter how many decades have passed since my grandmother left me, the wonderful things we did together are still dear memories.


It was such a treat to spend an overnight visit at my grandmother’s house while she babysat. She was the one who introduced me to the wonders of listening to radio programs that required one’s imagination as the storyteller wove the next chapter of the daily serial. Then there was the Jack Benny show and other musical favorites of hers that would be broadcast and that she never missed. With the radio on, grandma and I would play cards or she would teach me how to embroider a simple pattern on a piece of white fabric for practice. The décor in her living and dining room are still vivid, and I can see the framed picture of General MacArthur, cut from a magazine cover and nicely framed, hung on a corner wall of the dining room. Below it was an old steamer trunk, with a small lace tablecloth draped over it for decoration. This ornate trunk always looked like a pirate’s chest to me and I wondered what treasures might be inside of it. When I stayed at grandma’s she would ask me to do her a favor and dust under the bottom of her ornate dining room table to reach the swirls and squiggles of the wood carvings below. Grandma would hand me a dust cloth and for my five minutes or so of “work” she’d give me a dime, which to a seven-year old at that time was a lot of money. (Enough for two candy bars back then.) When explaining to my mother why she gave me the extra money for what I thought was just helping out, grandma said with a smile “because she earned it.”

The best part of these overnight visits was the breakfast grandma made the next morning. She had a glass frying pan that made the most delicious scrambled eggs ever! Perhaps it was the large pat of butter that was melted in the pan before she poured in the scrambled eggs, but they were out of this world. To this day I remember grandma saying as she scrambled my eggs, “be sure that the eggs are nice and frothy before pouring them into the heated pan.” Now, whenever I scramble eggs — still following grandma’s reminder — I look down at the bowl to make sure they are perfectly frothy, and I smile.


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