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By Evelyn J. Mocbeichel



The year will go quickly for seniors heading off to college. There is ample time for parents to prepare a student who will be living away from home, perhaps for the first time. There is much to adapt to, such as getting along with a roommate, finding one’s way around campus, taking on a heavy academic workload and living without family close by. The last thing a student needs is to have to tackle unfamiliar daily tasks never handled before. Now is the time for these simple life skills to be introduced.

The Lessons

Laundry is one of those daunting tasks a teen will come across while at school. Perhaps the teen never tackled a pile of laundry and is clueless where to start. Does the student know not to wash black tee shirts with white clothing? This has to be taught as we discovered when our student came home with clothing that had not been color sorted. The size of the washing machine determines how large of a load can be washed at one time. Explain that there are cycles for delicate, regular or heavily soiled clothing. The same applies for putting items in a dryer. Towels and sheets may need longer times to dry while tee shirts and lightweight cloth or delicate fabrics have shorter time spans. Stress the importance of reading labels to see whether a garment can be washed or put in the dryer.

Handling money is another area that a teen may need beginner’s advice on now. Start a checking account for your student at least six months before leaving for school so statements will arrive at home and there is time to review them together. It is vital that each check be recorded in the checkbook register and the math completed to determine the balance. Many adults prefer online banking, but for a student I would suggest standard check writing to understand the process and be hands-on from the start. We also gave our student her own credit card with a five hundred dollar limit. It was to be used to purchase books and other necessities. Since all freshmen are enrolled in the food plan, there was no need to buy food, other than snacks or miscellaneous items. Credit card statements should also be reviewed to make sure the charges are correct and any returns are applied. All of these tips will help your student with a smoother adjustment to college and make life easier.


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