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by Evelyn J. Mocbeichel



Whether you have a babysitter for just the evening or for an extended period of time, there is vital information all parents should leave posted before they go out. Case in point is when we had the opportunity to mind our two grandchildren for the week when their parents took a plane trip out of town. Since we live in another state we were not familiar with the children’s daily routine, so before our visit I sent our daughter an extensive email asking for important phone numbers and schedules. It was pleasurable being with and taking care of our six- and eight-year old grandchildren for that week; however, to feel more comfortable I wanted all the necessary emergency phone numbers at my fingertips. One sheet of information was posted on their refrigerator and the other kept in our car’s glove compartment since we would be doing errands with the children and picking them up from school by car.

I wanted the telephone number for their elementary school and their teachers’ names in case I had to call the school if one of them were sick and not going to class. Since it was wintertime, I asked how we would be notified in the event of a delay or school closing. “The school will call the house with a recorded message” was the answer. More important than the school’s telephone number were the names and phone numbers of their pediatrician and dentist. What is the name/address of the nearest hospital and the name of their medical insurance company and ID number? Grandparents or caregivers in charge of young children when parents are away and can’t be reached should have a note designating them to authorize treatment. Last, but not least, I wanted the name/number of the veterinarian used for their little dog.

Making sure all bases were covered for our week babysitting, we were able to enjoy our time together and not think about what to do or who to contact in an emergency. It was certainly an eye-opener to go back in time and be part of getting two young children ready for school each morning, helping with homework, bath time, listening to them practice their reading, playing classic board games, and best of all reading some of my favorite stories to them at bedtime.

Today’s working parents certainly have a complex life and hectic daily routine – that’s for sure!





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