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By Evelyn J. Mocbeichel



Nature is all around us and it is never as close as when you visit a beach or shore area. Walk along the beach and you will see signs of sea life beneath your feet, remnants washed ashore, each with a story to unfold.

Visiting the beach with young children is especially fruitful because you can see firsthand how children become excited about sights they may be noticing for the first time. I enjoy watching a young child pick up a beached, sun-dried crab and wonder if “it will still bite.” Have you ever watched a child gather seashells and exclaim that all of these treasures are coming home at the end of the day? Stroll along the beach and try to find beach glass with a child and see how intense the search becomes for these dazzling bits of smooth colored glass along the water’s edge. Spending time on a seashore vacation is one of the best ways to introduce a child to the world of science. It may very well be the start of a lifelong interest in this subject.

More Science

Science and math seem to be the two subjects that many children are apprehensive about learning or find the most difficulty in grasping their concepts. Finding ways to excite children in these areas has always been the ambition of teachers who major in either of these subjects. Young children can be easily stimulated and made enthusiastic about things that are new to them. With the right tool these subjects can also be fun.

For the adult shopping for a young child the choices are endless when it comes to creative ways to introduce science to a youngster. Being out of school, showing the child an alternative learning method that does not involve the classroom makes the subject seem like more fun. Think about the young child that may be on your gift-giving list. Why not give that child something educational this year? Not only are there wonderful kits for arts and crafts, there are also items that specialize in science related experiences for the young child.

Shoppers may be able to find these educational items in certain areas of a toy store that feature “learning” as the basis for the toy. A popular store in some malls features toys, games and kits that are exclusive to the world of science. These stores have areas devoted to sea life, the solar system, the animal kingdom, archeology, and a host of other fascinating topics for children that range from nursery school through high school levels.

Go to the library and take out science related books at the child’s level. Visit a pet shop and show the child the different species of fish in the tanks, birds in cages, or the little hamsters and gerbils turning their wheels crawling around their habitats. These are all science based activities children will love and remember as a fun learning experience.



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