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By Evelyn J. Mocbeichel



This time of year usually signals when people start looking to buy a new home since it works well with their children’s school calendar as well as better weather. We have several recently retired friends who are downsizing and moving to a smaller home or to warmer climate states. No matter the situation, these moving tips can easily apply to each family. The suggestions are passed along from conversations with friends that are in the midst of this complicated, exhausting and often emotional change in their lives — moving.


It is difficult to part with decades of artifact memories, which is understandable. However, the new home is often smaller with little-to-no room for excess items collected over the years. If stored in the attic or basement, untouched for years, they are probably not needed. Often the couple moving, especially the newly retired, will think they have more time to sort through the items after the move. Why pay the moving company extra money to transport items that will be discarded later or given away? Once the decision to move has been made, start cleaning out unwanted items before finding your new home. There are many charities and civic organizations looking for gently used items as donations for needy families or to sell at their tag sale fundraisers.

Food items are another area that needs special attention when it comes to transporting perishables. Obviously, items from the freezer or refrigerator should be packed in coolers with ice to prevent spoilage. One friend suggested using and eating as many items as possible from the freezer beforehand so there is less to transport. The same can apply to canned goods that may add the weight and volume of several cartons or more, thereby increasing moving costs. Be creative and look for ways to use up any canned, bottled or packaged food items months before the move.


Make it easy for movers to carry your items to the appropriate rooms. Buy colored circle stickers to mark the cartons — red for kitchen, blue for living room, green for playroom, yellow for master bedroom, etc. Give the moving company the code sheet with the name of each room with the corresponding colored circle next to it. This makes it easier for them to put the box in the right room without a family member having to be nearby to constantly direct.

Happy Moving!


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