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Giving Tuesday (November 29) is in its fifth year, and this year it feels more welcome — and necessary — than ever. It just might have a little something to do with that other Tuesday we just experienced, called Election Day. Presidential elections by definition always are weighty affairs, as well they should be. This year’s election, though, somehow managed to be weighty without a great deal of gravitas. Oh, well, time to move on

On November 29, three weeks after we voted, Giving Tuesday gives us all a chance not only to move on but to make ourselves feel great again by doing whatever is in our means to help others of lesser means.

What exactly is #GivingTuesday? As its website explains, it “is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration.” It was started in 2012 by the 92nd Street Y in New York City, in cooperation with the United Nations Foundation. It embraces more than 30,000 organizations in 71 countries.

It doesn’t have to be money that you give. You can give your time, your voice, goods, or just about anything that will help someone in some way. You can find all kinds of ideas and resources online at

It’s no coincidence that Giving Tuesday follows in the footsteps of Thanksgiving, adding lyrical literalness to the true spirit of the autumnal celebration of plenitude and gratitude. We all could afford to be more giving, especially coming off an election season notable for its grousing.

Of course, along with giving comes getting, which is what we consuming hordes do to a fare-thee-well on the darkly named Black Friday. I get that the black in the name simply denotes a profit-making bottom line for sellers as buyers empty their piggy banks.

Still, it’s a weird way to name the day after Thanksgiving: Black Friday. It sounds more like a devastating day of downsizing at the office, or — cue creepy music — like the name of a horror movie starring Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff (which it, in fact, is).

It’s also helpful to remember that Giving Tuesday is the day after Cyber Monday, when we get off line to shop online.

Makes you wonder whether it would help for Giving Tuesday to come a week earlier than it does. That way, it would arrive as people are starting to bask in the glow of giving thanks, and before they have diluted their discretionary income on the spending sprees of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

After all, who among us couldn’t always afford to spend a little less and give a little more?


Bruce Apar is Chief Content Officer of Google Partner Agency, Pinpoint Marketing & Design, as well as an actor and a regular contributor to several periodicals. Follow him as Bruce The Blog on social media. Reach him at or (914) 275-6887.




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