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By Evelyn J. Mocbeichel



The wedding date is set and now it’s time to send out invitations. Many brides still prefer printed stationery over “e-vites.” Budgets may dictate the style, size and design of the invitation. Remember — the larger and heavier the mailing, the higher the postage cost, including the cost of the stamp on the RSVP card.

If you are unsure of what to select for special circumstances, your printer should have some ideas on the wording for your invitation. Mention any notations if it is the parents or the couple hosting the event, if all parents are alive, and what the names are for each if a parent has remarried.

Do you need to mention anything special on the invitation about “adult reception” (polite term for no children) or “black tie optional”? And last, but not least, make sure you mail out invitations to people in the same family or office co-workers at the same time. Believe it or not, guests might feel they were invited after others declined if their invite arrived a week or more later. We’ve known people that did “compare when the invite was received.”


It is a good idea to make the RSVP date at least two weeks before you actually have to let the caterer know the head count. Some guests may not respond in time requiring you to make follow-up telephone calls. If you have given the catering hall an estimate of how many guests will attend, you are required to pay for that many dinners, whether the guests attend or not. Some couples underestimate the total by about six dinners, as it is easier for the caterer to add last minute guest totals. A caterer will charge for the promised number, even if they are no-show. Paying for guests who cancel at the last minute is a costly expense.

To reiterate, the bottom line in this whole process is to make sure you are organized. Whether you do an Excel spread sheet or are writing your guest list on loose leaf paper, you have to make sure you can keep track of names and addresses, the date invitations were mailed and who is replying with yes or regrets. When all this is in order you can start your next task, and that is seating arrangements. But then that is another column in itself!




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